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Helsinki Synth City – COLOSSUS “2084” – 1.6.2024 – We are coming to Tampere

In the year 2084, a monumental AI awakens to consciousness, mirroring the historic Colossus, the first computer to break enemy codes in a war long past. Now, you’re invited to witness a new battle, a digital drama unfolding under the neon glow of a cyberpunk saga.
As you enter this night of retro-futuristic spectacle, the air is electric with anticipation. Starforce, Levinsky, and Millennium Falck are not just performers; they are digital warriors, their synths loaded with the audacity of sound, ready to breach the AI’s cryptic veil. Each beat, each note they play is a key turning in the locks of a new digital dawn.
Join us at Colossus 2084. Be part of a night where cyberpunk lore comes to life, where you’re not just watching the future—you’re living it. This is more than an event; it’s a gateway to a new era, wrapped in the allure of cinema and the thrill of live performance. Ready your senses: the future of music awaits.
DJ Benjamin Risto Uuno will ensure that everyone is up to the mood during the night with the hottest synthwave tracks.

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